Our Services

Interior Services

  • Car Mats & Carpet Vacuum
  • Dashboard & Door Polish
  • AC Vents cleaning
  • Car Seats Dry Cleaning
  • Car Roof Dry Cleaning
  • Dashboard Deep Cleaning
  • Door Panels and Trims cleaning
  • Complete Vinyl & Rubber parts conditioning
  • Door Panels and Trims Conditioning
  • Complete car Interior Polishing
  • Seat Belts Deep Cleaning
  • Indoor Glass Cleaning & Shine
  • Leather Seats Conditioning & Lubrication

Exterior Services

  • Complete Car Cleaning
  • Car polish (Buffing Machine)
  • Tyre shining
  • Glass & Windshield Cleaning
  • Bumper External Cleaning
  • Logo & Alphabets Cleaning
  • Exterior Vinyl & Rubber Polishing
  • Alloy Cleaning
  • Rubbing Compound
  • Buffing with Machine
  • Body Shining

Roof Cleaning

Your car's ceiling, also known as the headliner, can become dirty over a period of time as a result of our hands, hair, skin, and other objects coming into contact with the ceiling. Since the fabric of your car's ceiling is glued to the roof, you should be sure to use safe cleaning methods and products that will keep the glue and laminate

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Car Polish

View All Images Protect your car’s paint from oxidation  Over time, your car's paint may begin to fade and lose its shine and lustre. Harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight are the two main culprits. Left unprotected, your car’s paint will start oxidising. Paint oxidation occurs when moisture is r

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Car Rubbing

Let us try and understand why rubbing is required and how does it helps to maintain your car in original and neat look. You must have often observed small scratches, stone marks, marks of acid rain, bugs shit, bird marks etc. These are the defects which actually does not damage the complete paint lining, but only the top most layer of it. So in o

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Car Repair

A well maintained vehicle is more fuel efficient, more reliable, and will last longer, making the most of your auto investment. And your neighborhood Carspawala is the perfect car care partner. Our expert auto repair technicians are trained to perform diagnostic and repair services on all makes and models, and we can take care of your factory reco

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Car Dry Cleaning

Carspawala.com provides specialised services in automotive dry cleaning in India. With our busy work and social lives, we hardly find time to maintain and clean our cars on a regular basis. Everyone loves going for long drives but that leaves your car dirty, dusty and it needs some pampering too. It is important to maintain and dry clean your

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Car Coating

Shield your car’s exterior from harmful UV rays!  Car paint, just like your skin is not immune to the damage that can be caused by the sun’s UV rays. Long-term sun exposure and even natural weather conditions can make your car look lacklustre. They damage the car’s paint, making it look dirty and dull. Direct sunlight can al

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Car Insurance

We at Carspawala are dedicated to our customers and our work,apart from all the services mentioned on our website we also provide our customers with auto insurance packages You must be thinking why ? The reason behind is simple - Auto insurance is also an integral part of car care and a SPA is a place where you can fully relax ,so we at car

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