Helpful Car Spa Care Tips


Regular Cleaning Advise: Clean the car once a week with clean water (use a soft towel dipped in water and wipe the surface gently; then allow to dry almost completely and finish with another soft towel. This is more than enough to maintain the surface gloss. If you must, then Waxpol wax would suffice.

Frequency of Teflon Coating/Polishing: Every time a polishing/buffing machine is applied to the car paint, it takes off the clear coat/lacquer and reduces the paint thickness of the depth of the paint. The less use of machine and more use of hand application for wax or paint protection, the better it is. Of course for rubbing/compounding is done by machine only, but should be done once or twice a year, not more than that.
I would recommend just once a year.

How to protect Car Paint: Coming back to the paint protection.... I would suggest a good UV wax application of you vehicle once a week or month depending upon the exposure of your vehicle to the weather elements would make a better sense. 3M/Meguiar's offer many professional as well as DIY shampoo, wax, etc for the love and care of your vehicle. Remember if the Teflon guys are asking you to come back to them in 6-12 months time for re-application, its FAKE! A branded or a PPS worth its salt doesn’t require any kind of re-application or revalidation every 6-12 months that’s how FUCON made its millions and billions in India by fleecing customers!

How To Prevent Your Car Windows From Fogging: Window fog builds because the air inside your car is moist. When temperatures drop, the air can't hold the moisture and much of it is deposited on your windows. So don't bring any new moisture in. Don't smear the glass. Wiping the windows is everyone's first instinct—but all it does is move moisture from your windows to a rag, without removing it from the car. So if you just entered the car, don't wipe the windows. Just put the defrost on high heat with high blower and allow it to work. Just cut a raw potato and rub it on screen to and let it dried out on windshield and it will fix your trouble.

Prevent a Windshield Crack from Spreading: Use nail polish as a first aid remedy.....
Applying liberal coats of nail polish on the crack, inside and out, will help to hold the glass structure while you waiting for the repairman to arrive. Coat the sides of the crack because these are the areas where the crack will spread.                                                                              

Clean Your Hazy Headlights With Toothpaste: you can try the toothpaste to restore your headlights It’s very effective at making your headlights sparkle like...  when it was new! It will work but only lasted about a week. Take some toothpaste on a damp sponge and gently rub it on to the headlamp in circles. Wipe the area dry with a soft cloth, and you’re done!   You can also try one stuff called Lenz Clear one step and easy to use, It works amazing. Here is there info to see for yourself

Engine Coolant: You should never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. You can be splashed by the hot coolant and suffer serious burns. The majority of cars have an overflow bottler with visible level markings. You should make sure your coolant is between these

Brake Fluid: Most of the newer cars allow you to check the brake fluid levels without ever having to remove the master cylinder cap. There marking on the side of the reservoir identifying the different levels. When you are removing the cover be careful none spills on the paint as it lifts paint quickly.

Windshield Washer Fluid: You’ll see the jug that contains the blue liquid that’s magical for keeping your windshield clean. Most of the reservoirs are visibly marked. However, in some of the newer vehicles the reservoir is buried making it hard to see. Just pull the top off and start filling – you can’t hurt anything if you it overfills. A funnel can make it much easier to fill your washer fluid and other fluids as well.

Go Light With Your Keys: Does your keychain look like it could be used as an anchor? All those keys hanging off the ignition put unnecessary strain on the ignition, which can lead to the wear of the ignition tumblers. It’s best if you can keep your ignition key separate, or at the very least make sure to keep the weight on your keychain down.

Rotate Your Tires: Regular tire rotation aids in tires wearing evenly and it will lead to the maximum tire life. Your first rotation is very important. Your owner’s manual will provide you with a rotation period and pattern. If you aren’t able to locate this schedule then rotate your tires every 6000 to 7500 miles or 9700 to 12000 km. 

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